Fundamentals of daylight food photography - Adrian Mueller


Topic: Professional approach to daylight food and drinks photography
Language: English
Duration: 3 hours
Education objective: To learn how to use daylight as the primary light source
Required level: Medium. Good understanding of photography & familiarity in using a digital camera, capture software and Photoshop.
Equipment: No equipment needed, but you can bring your own camera if you want to take pictures, or a USB stick to use our camera and download your pictures
Location and timings: Thursday 18 May 9-12h and Friday 19 May 9-12h: Restaurant Vedelsborg


About the workshop

Using only natural daylight in combination with different light shaping tools, this course will demonstrate a professional approach to daylight food & drinks photography, and improve a participant’s repertoire of creating natural looking food images without strobes.

Participants will learn how to correctly set up when using daylight, adapting to the direction, angle and quality of light and how to enhance natural light using light shaping tools. They will also learn about light diffusion, fill light, contrast control, and how to create highlights; some tips on composition, negative space, framing, camera angles, aperture and depth of the field. 

Food styling and daylight shooting tips for plated food and drinks (hot liquids and cold liquids) will also be given. Finally, participants will also learn about shooting in layers and combining multiple exposures in Photoshop, and using post-production tools in subtle ways to enhance the look of the image.

This workshop requires a portfolio review
To improve the quality of the workshop, we ask for a submission of sample images of your work after making the booking. Adrian will use these images for the sole purpose to prepare the workshop and make it more valuable for all participants. We will send you an email after your booking.


About Adrian

Adrian grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland and initially studied architectural engineering. He was drawn to photography because of the similarities in both fields: clean lines, concise structures and how light reflects off surfaces. Time in Japan further influenced his creative approach through the concepts of craftsmanship, simplicity and reducing everything to its essence. In contrast to his precise still life + liquids work,

Adrian's aim with his food and location photography is to create images that connect with a viewer's personal memories. He hopes that someone looking at his photographs will be moved to pause and remember a certain smell, taste or experience.

He lives in New York with his wife and son.

Thursday 18 MAY 9-12h            Friday 19 MAY 9-12h