Food styling with flour, dough & bread - Mary Valentin

Language: English
Duration: 3 hours
Topic: Food styling with bread
Educational objective: Food styling for photographers and food stylists on location
Required level: Photography knowledge
Equipment: Camera and a tripod
Location and timing: Brød&Co, Thursday 18 MAY, 14-17h



About the workshop

Though bread and other bakery items are beautiful, they can be some of the most difficult food items to style and shoot. Mary Valentin, baker, artist and experienced food stylist, was recently given this task. As an artist in residence, she styled and photographed bread and it’s processes, from sourdough starters to seeded rye breads, dough, and finished breads, each with their own unique challenges. In this workshop, Mary will share her knowledge of styling and working with breads in the bakery setting. The location is a beautiful local artisan bread shop, considered to be making the best bread in Vejle.




About Mary

Mary Valentin has worked as a food stylist for print, packaging, TV and film for almost 20 years. Through her combination of experience in both the fine and culinary arts, Mary has developed a unique perspective and skill set that informs her work.

In her early career, while studying for her BFA in painting at School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Mary began to acquire valuable experience in the culinary arts through her work in Chicago-area restaurants, most notably as a sous chef at the Café du Midi from 1989 through 1992. Since then, Mary’s commercial food styling clients have included Panera Bread, U.S. Foods, and Kraft. She has also done editorial work for Food Network, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune and has art directed and food styled for cookbooks, such as Anupy Singla’s “Vegan Indian Cookbook” and “Indian for Everyone.”

While teaching at Kendall College in Chicago, Mary initiated a Food Styling and Photography course – the only one of its kind in the country at that time – designed for culinary students. Mary created the curriculum and taught the classes. Food Styling and Photography quickly became one of the most successful and popular classes at Kendall College, with waiting lists of students eager to add food styling and photography skills to their professional repertoires.

Along with her busy food styling career, Mary has presented at conferences, lectured at major corporations and conducted food photography tours including a photo-essay tour of Chicago hot-dog stands with Teri Campbell and Bruce Kraig. Mary has organized and curated photography shows and contests and is currently serving as Chair of the Food Photographers’ and Stylists’ Section of the IACP, International Association of Culinary Professionals.