How to shoot beer instead of drinking it - Markus Bassler


Topic: Foodreportage in a craft beer brewery
Language: English
Duration: 7 hours
Education objective: To learn how to shoot on-location food reportages
Required level: Medium
Equipment: Everybody should bring an SLR camera, high-quality lenses and if possible a TTL flash that separates from camera via IR or radio. A tripod is essential.
Location and timing: Bøgedal Brewery, Thursday 18 MAY 8-15h (transport and sandwich lunch included)



About the workshop

At the beautiful Bøgedal Brewery in Vejle, Markus Bassler is offering a workshop on food & beverage reportage photography that focuses on beer. If you want to shoot the kind of reportage pictures used today in glossy design publications or company websites or PR, this is a good opportunity. The aim is to create a natural look, not rigid, stylish but interesting. Not the agency or studio type of look. The workshop gives you the chance will to take great pictures using compact, high-quality equipment stripped down to the essentials: tripod, radio TTL flash, SLR camera, fast lenses, and most importantly, a direct, feel-good way of communicating with people at a shoot. 28 and 35mm lenses are highly recommended as we want to be close to what’s happening. 

No zoom lenses allowed (only joking!) The workshop includes people shots, reportage pictures and still lifes on location. 

This workshop requires a portfolio review
To improve the quality of the workshop, we ask for a submission of sample images of your work after making the booking. Markus will use these images for the sole purpose to prepare the workshop and make it more valuable for all participants. We will send you an email after your booking.


About Markus

Started as a dishwasher last century at a small Parisian restaurant. Has been a food photographer since leaving architecture photography. (Because you start speaking to buildings when you have to wait 4 hours for the right shot. Then you get hungry. At least with food photography, you can get close to a chef.) Has been food crazy since his first shooting at el Bulli in the 1990s. Has been widening his horizons ever since by travelling to every continent in search of subjects. Still loves architectural lines and spaces and still washes dishes every day. 

Cook with love, photograph with tenderness.