Let the sun shine in - Jan C. Brettschneider

Topic: Create a sunny daylight with lamps, strobes and flashlight
Language: English
Duration: 3 hours
Education objective: Learn how to create indoors a sunlight in food shoots
Required level: Medium. Good understanding of photography & studio lights.
Equipment: No equipment needed. You can bring your camera.
Location and timings: 18 MAY 9-12h Restaurant ME|MU and 19 MAY 9-12h Restaurant Bredal Kro (transport will be provided)



About the workshop

Outside it’s dark, there's no daylight but your food shot needs a crispy sunlight? Shooting in a restaurant, kitchen, or your wardrobe and there is no window?  It’s time to take out your own sun, to take out your own blue sky.

In this workshop, we will learn about what sunlight and daylight means to foodshots, and how to build several light settings to imitate natural light. We will also learn about how important light temperature is for food, and how to choose the right light former, among many other things. 


About Jan

Jan C. Brettschneider has been a photographer for more than 25 years, and has been shooting food for the last 20 years. He shoots everywhere, on location, in restaurants, in the kitchen of hotels, with great chefs all over the world, and in his own studio in Hamburg. He shoots for editorials, advertising, and books. He likes to work with the light, and believes that "a good light can push a food setting, but a poor light can ruin everything".



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