Sandwich Photography and Styling in a bakery setting - Heidi Robb & Clarissa Westmeyer

Language: English
Duration: 3 hours
Topic: Sandwich - styling and photography techniques for creating and maintaining sanwich imagery, in a bakery setting
Educational objective: Expose attendees to the importance of each role the photographer and stylist plays in creating a commercial image. There are great learning opportunities for both photographers and stylists.

Required level: All levels welcome
Equipment: Students are encouraged to bring a camera if they have one. Stylists might not have one and that's fine.  

Location and timing: Brød & Co, Friday 19 MAY 9-12h



About the workshop

Whether stacked a mile high, or open-faced, mouthwatering sandwich photography does not come without proper knowledge, technique and collaboration between stylist and photographer. Photographer, Clarissa Westmeyer, and stylist, Heidi Robb will demonstrate how to best work with styling and photographing sandwiches, in situ, at Brod & Co, one of Vejle’s most beautiful bakeries. Topics will be approached as a commercial shoot; sandwich builds, lighting, props, angles and set surfaces will be addressed.


About Heidi

Heidi Robb is a professional food stylist armed with an unabashed obsession for transforming food to its peak of luscious crave ability. Her styling reflects a strong eye for detail and design coupled with a sensibility for authenticity. Diversity is expressed through layering textures, color and flavor. The scope of her sets demonstrate versatility in being elegantly disheveled, painterly, or bold, tight and graphic as desired mood and emotion dictate. Her penchants for world wanderlust, reading and social media serve to keep her eye fresh and on trend while complimenting a bottomless compendium of food ephemera. The goal is always true team collaboration in bringing a client’s vision to fruition.

With over three decades of restaurant, catering and personal chef experience behind her, the segue into styling evolved naturally as an extension of those skills which now serve editorial and commercial print and  packaging, as well as motion.


About Clarissa

Clarissa Westmeyer is a commercial photographer with Kalman & Pabst Photo Group in Cleveland, Ohio. Her work has been featured internationally in publications, advertising, and packaging.

Her photography won Critic’s Choice Best Recipe Photography in the nationally judged Eddy Awards. She's achieved industry awards from the IACP, American Advertising Federation, Flashes of Hope and edible Communities Publications.

Her travels throughout Europe and the Americas have influenced her palette and passion for both food and photography.

Clarissa loves creative collaborations and looks for beauty in everything. She’s always interested in sharing thoughtful meals, ideas and joyful laughs.