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New deadline entries: 15h of February



To apply for an exhibition and screening at FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2019, please consider the following. We are looking for a series of 10-20 food related images -  better style forming & risky than well established & mainstream. You can send stills, feature, architecture or portraits - straight or a mix of them, also an animated slide show or multimedia project:

a series of images of food stills (of one cook or a cookbook)
a personal food related photo project
a series of restaurant interior design or brewery architecture
a series of portraits (e.g. food worker, cooks, restaurant people...)
a photo-slide show or photo and video multimedia file
a photo story (e.g. making barrels for wine or whiskey)



Buying a "submit your work" ticket will give you an order number. With the order number and payment you will be send a confirmation stating an email-address to send your work by wetransfer.

Please send maximum 20 images lo-res (max 1000px wide) or a video file (for multimedia content) zipped and labeled with the ordernumber and with your name (f.e. FPF2019_0001_Laura_Harzer_1.jpg). Only jpg format allowed.

We are looking forward to your proposals.


20 photographers will be selected for the printed exhibition. Costs for printing, framing, hanging the images and the listing in the "hall of fame" at our website are covered by the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL. Every photographer selected for the exhibition will be invited as a participant in the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL from 4 - 7 June 2019 to Vejle Denmark (including flight and hotel).

50 photographers will be selected for the screenings. Costs for video editing, music and projecting are covered. Photographer get listed in the "hall of fame" at the festival website and you will receive a 30% discount on the Festival Ticket.

All photographers or food stylists, exhibiting on the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL are nominated for the  FOODPHOTO and FOODFEATURE AWARD.



Download here the terms and conditions
Our terms are revised by  Reviewed 2017 by Nick Dunmur AOP Business & Legal team http://www.the-aop.org


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