For references see below the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2017 workshops. The program for FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2019 will be published beginning of February.

Markus Bassler

How to shoot beer instead of drinking it - Markus Bassler

Thursday 18th May 8-15h 

In this workshop we will shoot a reportage based on craft beer making, at Bøgedal Brew. more...

Fundamentals of daylight food photography - Adrian Mueller

Thursday 18th May 9-12h  / Friday 19th May 9-12h

This course will demonstrate a professional approach to daylight food & drinks photography. more…

Let the sun shine in - Jan C. Brettschneider

Thursday 18th May 9-12h / Friday 19th May 9-12h  

This workshop will provide participants with tips to create a sunny daylight with lamps, strobes and flashlight. more...



Foodstyling flour, dough & bread - Mary Valentin 

Thursday 18th May 14-17h 

Food styling with bread on location in a bakery. more...

Christian Lohfink

Splashes & crashes - Christian Lohfink

Thursday 18th May 14-17h / Friday 19th May 9-12h

Introduction to the preparation and shooting of a splash photo. more...

Foodstyling vegetables - Heidi Robb & Clarissa Westmeyer

Thursday 18th 14-17h

This workshop will explore the relationship between food stylists and photographers, while giving you some tips on working with vegetables. more...



Foodstyling in a restaurant setting - Mary Valentin

Friday 19th May 9-12h 

This workshop will give you some lifesaving ideas that will help you to work live foodstyling in a restaurant. more...

How to self publish your book - Dirk Gebhardt

Friday 19th May 9-12h 

This workshop will provide you with tips and examples to give your career a boost with your own photo book.  more...




Winning work. Polish your portfolio for advertising - Emma Syrett 

Friday 19th May 14-17h 

Portfolio editing: skills and tools to enable you to win work effectively. more...




Sandwich photography & styling - Heidi Robb & Clarissa Westmeyer

Friday 19th May 9-12h

In this workshop we will show how to best work with styling and photographing techniques on location, at Brød & Co. Bakery. more...