We would like to inform you that we do not see possible to organise a new edition of the international FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL for 2022, as the situation is still too uncertain.

Our aim is to be back in 2023. We all miss the exchange of ideas and motivation and we are very much looking forward to meet up with you again!



Due to the current situation around the outbreak of the Coronavirus we decided to postpone the celebration of the workshops in Germany. We will inform you about the new dates soon, stay tuned.





by Adrian Mueller
New York, USA

New York is certainly the toughest and most demanding market for a professional food photographer. Adrian Mueller, born in Switzerland, has been facing this for 20 years with great international success. He is permanently listed in "Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide". In his hand-on workshop, Adrian teaches how to master the use of daylight and studio strobes, applied to food and drinks.
Adrian is patient, calm, concentrated and focused.  He implements his ideas with precise clarity. The result are seemingly simple pictures, which are masterpieces of reduction, achieved through a perfect and harmoniously sensitive use of light.
The psychology on how to work with a client on set is also touched upon. His workshop is not only a technical knowledge transfer of food photography, but also an eye-opener on achieving the best results by understanding how to smoothly interact with clients and crew alike.

Adrian gave a workshop on "Daylight Food Photography" at the International FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2017 & 2019 in Vejle, Denmark.


by Daria Khoroshavina
Moscow RUS

A Cinemagraph is a combination of a professional studio still, with partial video elements. The result is both surprising, and oddly calming to watch. The master of this discipline with a worldwide reputation is Daria Khoroshavina. Already in 2015 Jena Fite wrote about Daria's hypnotically perfect work in National Geographic.
The best way to get an idea of the process is her full-day workshop. The goal is, to teach every participant to create a cinemagraph themselves. Every single step will be shown: styling, the shooting and post-production leading to the finished Cinemagraph. Daria will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different output formats like GIF or MOV. All participants who want to do the whole process themselves should have a camera, a laptop with After-Effects and Photoshop.

Daria gave a workshop on "Food Styling for Cinemagraphs" at the international  FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2019 in Vejle.


Special Effects for Food Styling

by Geoff Binns-Calvey

"A few years ago I took on the challenge of photographing a BBQ book, 100 food photos with glowing coals that constantly where smoking and steaming… Despite two barbecue setups, stable weather and a glowing coals assistant, we consumed far more material and time than estimated. "
A little later I discovered a video of the Chicago rigger Geoff Binns-Calvey on Instagram. He poured a red liquid in a mould of a burnt piece of coal. After he painted the red plastic grey/white/black and shone a flashlight through it I literally saw a perfectly glowing coal. This special effect would have saved me a week of work and a lot of money and nerves."

This is exactly what Geoff's workshop is all about. He will be showing a variety of ways to do beverage photography, flames on the grill, molding and casting, pours, splashes, ice effects, smoke and steam and how to work with useful materials like adhesives, epoxies, soldering and plastics. It should be very useful for all food stylist and food photographer who is moving into motion photography as well.  Summing up you will learn to create a perfect and reproducible setup for your food Photography and food styling assignments.

Geoff gave a "Rigging for Food Photography" workshop at the international FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2019 in Vejle.

Why participate

Paulina de la Cerda - Guatemala
Hein Stirred - Cape Town South Africa
Søren Gammelmark - Denmark
Heidi Robb - USA
Dan Lev - Tel Aviv - Israel

So who are we?

The international FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL is an initiative of the German Food Photographer Günter Beer. Together with Event Producer Manon Straver and a team of enthusiastic collaborators the festival was created in 2010. The first two editions took place in Tarragona Spain, where the tone was set for a beautiful event that brings together professionals from all over the world to celebrate and learn about the art of Food Photography. The last three edition were celebrated in the city Vejle, Denmark.

Günter Beer

Founder and artistic director

Manon Straver

Event manager

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Georgia Aslam

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