Vijay Sapre: The story of the culinary cultural magazine Effilee

Date/time: 7 JUNE 14-15h

Location:  The Old Theatre Stage - Baneg√•rdspladsen 4



About Vijay

After graduation Vijay Sapre first studied a semester of theology and philosophy, but could do little with the university operation. "I thought I could drive a taxi without studying. And I did that too." he says. This was followed by jobs as a nurse, waiter and a copywriter. In 1996, he founded the Internet car market, which he sold in 2004. He then decided to pursue his passion for cooking as a professional. However, it was clear: "To start again as a chef, I was too old."

Instead, he founded the magazine Effilee in 2008, against the trend as a print magazine, because he wanted to have something to touch after all the years he had worked online. Four times a year, Effilee sees itself as a culinary cultural magazine that focuses less on recipes and more on longer narrative pieces and offers a platform for many conscientious authors.