About Stevan

Stevan Paul (1969) has been living in Hamburg for over twenty years. Even though he grew up near the Bodensee, the hanseatic city has long become the place the author and culinary pro calls home. Having trained as a chef, Paul now works as freelance journalist, writing culinary pieces, columns and travel reports for magazines, trade journals and newspapers like Der Feinschmecker, Effilee Magazin,Foodie, Der Tagesspiegel and Mixology Magazin to name but a few. He is a culinary critic for Süddeutsche Zeitungand a radio presenter for Bremen2

Stevan Paul is also the author of numerous cookery bestsellers. He has published two culinary-literary short story collections and, in 2016, his debut novel Der große Glander with the Hamburg publishing house mairisch Verlag. Paul’s blog nutriculinary.comis one of the most popular culinary blogs in the German speaking area. He is a member of the Food Editors Club and Slow Food Germany. 



Cookery books

2011    Schnelle Teller(»Fast Dishes«), Tre Torri Verlag (2nd print run)

2012    Greenboxcookbook by Tim Mälzer, Mosaik (as ghostwriter)

2013    Deutschland Vegetarisch (»Vegetarian Germany«), Christian Brandstätter Verlag
(3rd print run)

2014    Heimat (»Home«) cookbook by Tim Mälzer (as ghostwriter)

2014    Auf die Hand(»Handheld«), Christian Brandstätter Verlag (5th print run)

2015    Dutch edition of Auf die Hand published under the title Streetfood & snacks  by Zuidnederlandse Uitgeverij

2015    Jeden Tag – Veggie Küche(»Vegetarian Cooking For Every Day«), GU Verlag

2015    Craft Beer Kochbuch(»Craft Beer Cookbook«) (o-author), Christian Brandstätter Verlag

2015    Heute koch ich, morgen brat ich …(»Tonight Tonight my food I make …« (a play on words on the brothers Grimm’s »Rumplestiltskin«)), Hölker Verlag (2nd print run)

2016    Open Air(Festival- and Camping Cookbook), Christian Brandstätter Verlag

2017    Mein Japan Kochbuch (»My Japan Cookbook«), Hölker Verlag (3rd print run)

2017    English edition of Craft Beer Kochbuch published under the title Cooking with Craft Beerby Smith Street Books; Dutch edition published as Echt Bier Kookboek by Fontaine Uitgevers

2018    DUDU Kitchen (Recipes from the restaurant »DUDU« in Berlin; as ghostwriter), Christian Brandstätter Verlag

2018    Blaue Stunde (»Blue Hour«), Christian Brandstätter Verlag



2009    Monsieur, der Hummer und ich (»Monsieur, The Lobster And Me«), mairisch Verlag
(3rd print run)

2012    Schlaraffenland(»Land Of Milk And Honey«)

2016    Schlaraffenland– Paperback, Suhrkamp Verlag

2016    Der große Glander(»The Great Glander«), mairisch Verlag



2018    Die Philosophie des Kochens(»The Philosophy Of Cooking«) (anthology),
as curator and editor



In 2018, Paul launched the video format Stevans Küchenwerkstatt (»Stevan’s Cooking Workshop«) on YouTube. The first two episodes, Linsen dreimal anders (»Three Ways Of Cooking Lentils«) and Göttliche Tomatenrezepte (»Divine Tomato Recipes«) have so far been viewed 165,000 times. There will be new episodes in 2019.





Paul’s website provides an overview of all his activities: http://www.stevanpaul.de

His online magazine http://nutriculinary.comis one of the most read cookery sites in the German speaking area with a total of 35,000–40,000 hits each month. NutriCulinary’s readers are editors, decision makers in the haute cuisine scene, catering professionals and people with a particular interest in culinary topics. 

All published articles are also shared on the Social Medias to generate additional buzz through:

  • a total of 6,200 followers on Facebook (via his two profiles NutriCulinary and Stevan Paul)
  • 4,000 followers on Instagram and
  • 3,000 followers on Twitter