Instagram for Food Photographers by Jade Sarkhel

Date/time: 7 JUNE 10-11h

Location: The Old Theatre Stage - Baneg√•rdspladsen 4


Jade will explain how to make your Instagram feed for food photography the best it can be and explain the relevance of online presence 



About Jade

Jade is a self-taught food photographer that has photographed for some of the top chefs in the world, including Albert Adria, Dan Barber and Francis Mallman and has been profiled for her work in publications such as The Independent, Telegraph, BBC and Forbes. Jade not only does the visually creative side of things but also runs an, under the radar, but highly sort after digital marketing agency which is quickly becoming known for making social media accounts go viral.
With a degree in business and marketing and additional studies in psychotherapy, Jade integrates this unique combination of knowledge of marketing and human psychology to share with us how social media platforms such as Instagram can be used to engage with audiences, build a powerful personal brand and a loyal fan base.