Bridging between art-buyers and participants of the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL

What is this for?

A good portfolio is a bridge between the client and the photographer. FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL in cooperation with der FEINSCHMECKER´s art director Peter Steiner build this platform to challenge photographers to show their work off and test it in the context of covers of  food-magazines.

How does it work?

* Step 1: As a participant of the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL we invite you to send up to three images and your website address.

* Step 2: Peter Steiner will build the cover and will upload it to the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL website member pages.

* Step 3: Share your cover in your social media. Please always provide the following information with the post:

“This  cover artwork is a free service for participants of the FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL in Vejle."


Clean Food

Foto: Vivi D'Angelo
Foodstyling: Adele Steinbeis

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