Why a photographer becomes a publisher - Tony Le Duc

Date/time: 7 JUNE 10-11h

Location:  The Old Theatre Stage - Baneg√•rdspladsen 4


Tony talks us through the reasons behind becoming a publisher, the "full monty" behind publishing (including the tricky parts) and freedom that comes with (self) publishing. He will give an overview of his 15 years of publishing cookbooks.

In Tony's words "At the end of the day: ones you are a photographer, you stay a photographer for life"



About Tony

As a food photographer, Tony Le Duc first gained international fame when he dared to present food on wood and concrete backgrounds. He used the 'floating' technique in the realization of food photographs, as well as frequently photographing ingredients extremely close up. The term 'food porn' was often mentioned in this respect. Among photographers, he is infamous for his obsessive approach. And as a publisher, he has renounced none of his old habits; he continues to raise the bar with every project. Apart from taking on the photography for Minestrone's books, he personally supervises every project. From choice of paper, lay-out and text to printing. And if improvement is in any way possible, he will make sure it happens.