Splashes & crashes - Christian Lohfink

Language: German (with English translation)
Duration: 3 hours
Topic: Photograph a splash with flash light
Educational objective: Learn how to handle liquids and sharpen them with the right equipment

Required level: Medium. A good understanding of photography and studio light
Equipment: No equipment needed. A separate camera (KB) or memory card is enough  

Location and timing: Spinderihallerne Xeneriet, Thursday 18 MAY 14-17h, Friday 19 MAY 9-12h



About the workshop

You’ve been commissioned to shoot a splash photo .... But how do you do it? In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare a splash shooting, what equipment is needed, how to deal with liquids, and how to sharpen the image to perfection. We will also learn to understand when you’ve got the right moment to shoot the picture to get the optimal result. 



About Christian

Photographer Christian Lohfink is a specialist on still life, liquid and food. Born in Hildesheim, he moved to Hamburg after his photography education where he started his freelance career in 1991.

In his Studio in Hamburg or on location, his works are created for well known customors and agencies.  Christian always likes to explore the boundaries - from exploding his works or freezing them to show them in a different light!

Liquids always present a new challenge in the professional life of Christian. Each new commission allows him to learn more and work even more precisely on this form.



Thursday 18 MAY 14-17h            Friday 19 MAY 9-12h