Stop Motion versus Cinemagraph or Video - Panel Discussion 

with Scott Grummet, Hans Gerlach, Daria Khoroshavina

Date/time: 6 JUNE 11-12h

Location: The Old Theatre, Baneg√•rdspladsen 4


Scott, Hans and Daria will discuss the similarities and differences between each of their fields, Scott with Video, Daria with Cinemagraphs and Hans with Stopmotion animation.




About Scott
Scott Grummett is a photographer and director who likes to make you hungry. He is best known for his burgers, but believes he along with his talented team can turn any food or drink into something to make your mouth water.

About Hans
Being trained as a professional chef in some of Europes best michelin starred restaurants, Hans chose to pursue a career as a foodstylist first, later as a food photographer and well known food columnist.

About Daria
Daria Khoroshavina is a cinemagraph artist based in Moscow, Russia. Her project Kitchen Ghosts is about food, drinks and other little precious moments of life captured and looped in live photographs.