Stopmotion - Hans Gerlach

Date/time: 6 JUNE 15-16h

Location:  The Old Theatre, Banegårdspladsen 4

Stopmotion animation is an easy yet artful way to produce high quality video with photographic means. The technique reminds of fantastic animated movies from Czechoslovakia in the 1960‘s and of iconic television productions like sesame street.
Hans will talk about the mechanisms of storytelling in stopmotion and the enhanced possibilities of humour by surprise, like movement by hands that you don’t see – an approach that is very different from shooting classic video. Appropriate examples will be shown to demonstrate what can be done and what has to be considered when planning to shoot a movie frame by frame.
He will also focus on the technical workflow from the camera to a finished clip. 



About Hans

Being trained as a professional chef in some of Europes best michelin starred restaurants, Hans chose to pursue a career as a foodstylist first, later as a food photographer and well known food columnist. Together with Christopher Tech he founded food und text studios in Munich to multiply resources and creativity by working in a larger team. Together Hans an Christopher work for some of Germany’s most interesting food-clients. They always strive to work on the Gesamtkunstwerk - from planting the seed in their gardens to creating matching recipes and publishing text, pictures and video.