Why should I work with an Agent? - Sky Trayler

Date/time: 7 JUNE 9-10h

Location: The Old Theatre Stage - Banegårdspladsen 4


As an agent herself, Skye will explain why agents are still worth working with and what they can do to enhance your photography career.


About Skye

Skye Trayler here. One half of the original mother/daughter agent partnership with Carolyn Trayler.

I am now running the artist management side of both Trayler & Trayler and our more recent offering RARE by Trayler. Over the years I have facilitated collaborations between our artists and many leading F&B brands: Sainsbury’s, Carrefour, Carte d’Or, Galaxy, Godiva, Haggen-Dazs, Muller, Nestea, Nestle, Galaxy and Kellogg’s.

My USP as an agent is supporting and nurturing creative photographers and film makers so that they become the best versions of themselves. Developing long term creative partnerships based on trust and mutual belief is what leads to successful artist/agent careers. This business grew out of a family, and it is my intention to preserve that ethos as we continue to grow.